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funded grants and projects

college of education faculty are working to increase knowledge and improve lives through their research. here is a sampling of major funded projects:

principal investigator sponsor project amount
ezemenari obasi national institute on drug abuse stress and drug use vulnerability in the african american community $2,510,912
jerome freiberg u.s. department of education an efficacy trial with students in third & fourth grade urban schools $2,320,862
ezemenari obasi united health foundation a community collaborative for preventing and treating obesity in underserved communities in houston $2,000,000
lorraine reitzel cancer prevention and research institute of texas taking texas tobacco free: increasing tobacco cessation in substance use treatment centers $1,348,843
jon schwartz economic development administration university of houston third ward innovation center (eda) $1,300,000
lorraine reitzel national cancer institute u-hand (university of houston/md anderson) program to reduce cancer disparities $1,271,195
nicole andrews united way of greater houston bright beginnings, year 13 $1,162,815
virmarie correa-fernandez american cancer society reducing tobacco-related health disparities: a focus on mental health $717,000
bob mcpherson texas tech university southern teacher preparation transformation center (us prep)       $534,000